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Lieutenant Leroy G. Palmer

Lieutenant Leroy Palmer succumbed to complications of a gunshot wound sustained on February 13th, 1998, while conducting a narcotics operation near the intersection of Bank Street and Boyd Street in East Camden. As he and other officers attempted to arrest a subject the man pulled out a gun opened fire. Lieutenant Palmer suffered a serious …

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Detective Clifton John Martinez

Detective Cliff Martinez was intentionally struck and killed by a vehicle after he broke up a fight at an IHOP restaurant at 739 Hot Wells Boulevard at about 3:00 am. He was working secondary employment at the restaurant when the fight broke out between several patrons. Detective Martinez was able to move the subjects out …

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Police Officer Jose Humberto Meza

Police Officer Jose Meza suffered a fatal heart attack following extensive training with his canine partner, Kuso. He and Kuso had conducted canine tracking training for several hours with other canine units. At the end of the training Officer Meza told other officers he was not feeling well and returned home. The following morning his …

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Sergeant Scott Johnston

Sergeant Scott Johnston died as the result of cancer that he developed following his assignment to the search and recovery efforts at the World Trade Center site following the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks. Sergeant Johnston had served with the New York City Police Department for 23 years. He is survived by his wife and seven daughters.

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