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Sergeant Alvin R. Sugrañes-Lebrón

Sergeant Alvin Sugrañes-Lebrón was shot and killed at the main gate of the Guayama 500 Correctional Institution by a disgruntled corrections officer who worked at another facility.

Unbeknownst to Sergeant Sugrañes-Lebrón the officer had just murdered another member of the agency whom he was romantically involved with and a neighbor. The officer was denied access to the facility after demanding to see other officers assigned there. Sergeant Sugrañes-Lebrón told the officer to wait as he requested another supervisor to respond to the post to speak to him.

As the other supervisor approached the officer opened fire, killing Sergeant Sugrañes-Lebrón. The man fled into a nearby wooded area where he remained in hiding for two days. He committed suicide while members of a fugitive task force negotiated with him.

Sergeant Sugrañes-Lebrón is survived by his wife and child.

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